Certified Talent Management Practitioner Certification is offered by a leading US-based talent management firm and faculty from top US universities.

In today’s business world there is widespread recognition that talent drives business value. However, recent CEO surveys show that old methods are failing to deliver results. There is increasing push to move away from standard programs and uniquely enabling managers and teams to better achieve their business goals. Adopting this new direction requires deploying many more qualified experts in human performance than are available today. The need of the hour for HR is to step up as experts and strategists of human behavior in the workplace. A recent survey by Deloitte shows that 70% of HR professionals enter their field of work with no formal qualifications. It is no surprise then why the HR function fails to “earn a seat at the table”.
Human Capital Growth (HCG), a pioneer in the field of talent management, has set out to change this status quo. They have developed a curriculum and certification process in Integrated Talent Management (ITM) to elevate HR professionals from administrators to strategic solution architects and performance catalysts. Using an intelligent learning platform and blended learning solutions, HCG is the first to design a scalable skill enablement solution that grows experts on workplace human performance. Their curriculum uses the best of science and practice to distil methods that effectively deliver business outcomes. Through HCG’s programs, participants develop the mindset of an expert and gain proficiency to engage stakeholders in defining strategic needs, designing solutions, and instituting metrics to evaluate outcomes.

The Mokra Gora School of Management has partnered with HCG to bring the Certified Talent Management Practitioner (CTMP) certification to South Eastern Europe. This learning and certification package helps HR professionals achieve excellence by managing the entire employee life-cycle. Participants learn not just global best practices but scientifically backed practices that ensure a high level of success. Capabilities Developed in the program include
HCG creates learning experiences where participants don’t just gain new knowledge but gain a mindset which helps present themselves as experts who practice their trade with the same level of rigor as doctors, engineers, and marketeers. Here are the broad set of skills gained by program participants.

  • Learning to recognize business needs and matching to an efficacious talent solution
  • Aligning with strategy and influencing stakeholders to adopt the best solution
  • Developing a comprehensive plan to deploy solutions and ensure execution excellence
  • Developing solutions based on scientifically validated models and global best practices
  • Drive outcomes using the evidence and metrics; promote a culture of continuous improvement
  • Aligning with strategy and influencing stakeholders to adopt the best solution

What is in the course?
The Certified Talent Management Practitioner learning package includes 17 courses that comprehensively address strategic HR and talent management practices. It includes guides, learning resources, and job aids. The hallmark feature of the program iis the project work where participants solve real world challenges with mentor support and feedback. It ensures all serious participants graduate with job-ready skills.

Certified Talent Management Practitioner Certification

How is it organized?
This program uses a blended learning approach combining learning with live virtual sessions and expert mentor support. Participants gain access to the learning content through HCG’s cloud-based learning platform for the duration of their enrollment. See below for a list of the LMS features.

  • 24*7 access to learning platform
  • Interactive lessons
  • Assessments with expert feedback
  • Downloadable tools and job aids
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • Games
  • Quizzes
  • Mindmaps
  • Dashboard
  • Lesson
  • Completion
  • Certificates
  • Discussion boards
  • Social networking
  • Live news feeds on talent management

The program also includes several live virtual events and mandatory webinars. These are hosted through a web conferencing platform. Here are some examples of our virtual events.

  • Biweekly office hours with a mentor
  • Webinars, case study analysis, and practice clinic
  • Graded assignments with feedback
  • Certification exams set by an expert panel

Target audience
The curriculum is designed for working adults looking to advance their expertise in talent management. Prior HR experience is not required but recommended. Candidates must have two to three years of work experience.HR Generalists/ business partners

  • Learning & development
  • OD Practitioners
  • Recruiters
  • Coaches and consultants
  • IT for HR

Reasons to enroll
Gain expertise in a high demand skill set in all growth economies. In the United States alone, the Bureau of Labor Services projects a growth of 53% until the year 2022, for positions requiring knowledge of science-based talent management (Organizational Psychology). The learning content is based on proven practices based on science. Similar content is taught by HCG faculty at learning universities in the US. Curriculum includes case studies and global best practices from high performing organizations. Certification exam set by expert panel from leading organizations around the world. The curriculum is designed for busy working professionals. Distance learning with right sized chunking allows for maximizing small periods of time available for learning. HCG’s industry leading support process to ensure that majority of the enrolled participants complete the program.

What do you need to know?
Time investment: 120 hours, 17 lessons
Recommended study period: 12 months, access period: 20 months
• Complete all the e learning lessons and mandatory webinars
• Attempt all the quizzes
• Submit all the assignments and achieve a minimum passing grade of 70%
• Score 70% or above in the final exam and each of the assignments to earn the certified status and the ‘Certificate of Achievement.’
• Those scoring 80% or above in the final exam and each of the assignments will also earn a ‘Certificate of Mastery.’

COST: 3000 USD in RSD. For information and enrollment contact Mr. Bojan Kostandinovic. Course starts when cohort is completed.