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Points of You® na Jesenjem Vivaldi HR forumu

13. i 14. septembra u okviru Jesenjeg Vivaldi HR foruma u Mokroj Gori, održaće se 3. kreativne radionice Points of You® koje će voditi osnivači POY Yaron Golan i Efrat Shani. Radni jezik radionica je engleski.

Zooming in

A Points of You® workshop, with The Coaching Game tool.

It's a kind of magic which works every time. It opens up hearts, connects people, enables authentic communication and reminds us who we are. Zooming in” is a deep and inspiring workshop. It gives way to a true pause and allows self-reflection from new points of view. It enables an authentic connection between the participants even if they are complete strangers.

This workshop can be easily adapted to any subject and audience. Over the years we have facilitated this process with many different types of professionals, including corporate organizations who use this workshop to assist with recruitment, leadership development, dialog & conflict solving, vision creating and also for some time-out and fun.

...As we mentioned – it's a kind of magic.

My Photo Album as a Manager

A Points of You® workshop, with the Punctum tool.

Each one of us has a story. Our story is present everywhere – in our ambitions, in our actions, in our relationships with others. It is what we tell ourselves about our life and our reality. “My photo album” workshop gives us the opportunity to tell our story from a new point of view.

It is a fascinating process of searching through images and words. It flips and turns, divides and connects the different parts of our story – helping us to look at it from a new place and discover meaningful insights. “My photo album” workshop can be easily adapted to any subject, while the workshop’s name can reflect the content: “My photo album of my success”, “The photo album of our project”, “My photo album as a team leader” etc…

This workshop can be facilitated in groups of different sizes, as well as to a large audience sitting in an auditorium.

Questions & Answers

Meet Efrat Shani and Yaron Golan, co-founders of Points of You®.

They will conduct a free and open conversation about the Points of You® story, method and games. Efrat and Yaron will talk about the methodology behind the games and workshops, the way to implement them in different work environments and how to integrate all that with other tools in your tool kit. They will share their experience in using Points of You® games for recruiting, team building, leadership activities and more.

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