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The development of organizations in Serbia and their will to transform in order to answer to the challenges of high competitiveness has shown us that KNOWLEDGE is one of the key sources of competitive advantage.

Our goal is to create a valuable and unique experience for our students, and to secure for our partners the development of their employees who will bring new value and provide stable growth to their organizations. Working towards fulfilling our vision, best defined by the slogan “Your development – our success”, we have put quality of our services in first place. We constantly strive to recognize and answer to the educational needs of our users.

Although Mokra Gora School of Management nurtures traditional values, knowledge and experience, it is constantly developing and growing with its users. We are constantly accepting and adjusting to new trends striving to stay unique and recognizable in the field of Executive Education.

The value we provide isn’t exhibited only through acquired knowledge, rather in the creative atmosphere, team spirit and belief that there is a higher goal in the work our students are involved in.


Management skills in the service of a better society

We fulfill our mission statement in sync with our key values. We BELIEVE that knowledge is a key competitive advantage for each individual. We INSPIRE our environment that a welfare society is feasible and achievable. We SUPPORT our students in their long-term professional development. We UNDERSTAND your needs and the challenges you are facing. We CONNECT and listen to all who can contribute to the improvement of our corporate climate. We BUILD partnering relations with the economy. We LEARN together with the best organizations, changing and developing throughout the process. We NURTURE tradition, knowledge and experience.





Management Team

Srđan Janićijević
CEO & Founder
Preduzetnik u duši, iskusan a još uvek radoznao, zasluženo ga zovemo "stari direktor" jer je ne samo najstariji već i najiskusniji u timu. Tokom karijere potpisao više od 20 završnih računa.

Entrepreneur at heart, experienced but still curious. Oldest and most experienced member of our team, signed of 20 annual statements throughout his career.
Iva Barišić
Executive Director
Takes care of all operational and career development programs. Although she grew up in Zemun, she seems as if her grandmother read her Max Weber instead of fairy tales.
Bojan Balaž
Sales Director
Full of emotion and positive energy so he nurtures partnering relationships with MGSM. Understands technology but loves nature. Passionate hiker, father of two daughters.
Milenko Andrić
Manager of Management Programs
Takes care of everything and everyone, Dunja's father
Aleksandra Radovanović
Financial Manager
Central team player by nature
Stefan Đuričić
Corporate Events Manager
Athlete, competitor, Master of Management, passionate soccer player and speaker.

Executive Team

Mila Čolović
Office Manager
Nemanja Gavrilović
Sales Coordinator
Filip Žica
Coordinator of Management Programs
Sava Dedijer
Coordinator of Management Programs
Aleksej Janićijević
Marketing Coordinator
Orion Zurovac
Corporate Events Coordinator

Founders of Mokra Gora School of Management

Miloš Zečević
Bojan Stevanović
GM, Hauzmajstor
Dragan Radić
GM, Ninamedia
Danijela Nedić
CEO, Biznis link
dr. Vladimir Vučković
Member of the Board of Directors, Banca Intesa
Dragoljub Vukadinović
President, Metalac group
dr. Bojan Kostandinović
Husein Cifci
President, PRODYNA
George FARAH
Private Investor


Institutional Partners
Strategic Partners