Marketing Management Program

04 - 08. oktobar 2021.
Mokra Gora Campus
80.000 RSD


The Marketing Management Program aims to transfer to the participants the necessary knowledge and skills on all the most relevant marketing areas. The program will cover the areas of traditional marketing and digital marketing – which should be understood by every modern marketing professional.

Based on the extensive practical experience of our lecturers, the latest marketing trends, research from local and international markets, and practical exercises that will use modern marketing tools, participants will be able to master the processes of brand management, marketing, creating marketing strategies, creating traditional and digital campaigns, etc., all with the aim of ensuring successful business and a strong market position of brands and companies.


The program is, in the first place, intended for marketing professionals, brand and marketing managers, from small, medium and large corporations, who need to refresh and improve their knowledge in the field of marketing and brand management, traditional and digital marketing.

The program is also intended for entrepreneurs and owners of micro, small and medium enterprises who want to master marketing skills in order to improve the market position of their brands and companies.

The lectures are accompanied by a multitude of practical exercises and select best practice examples, which in a clear and vivid way, using case studies from domestic and international business, present modern techniques and tools for successful marketing of brands and companies in the market.

Marketing menadžment

topics COVERED AT the marketing management program

Marketing Research – Introducing students to the concept, purpose and significance of marketing research. Traditional and modern methodologies of researching consumer behavior are covered – qualitative, quantitative and neuromarketing research – with many examples from practice.

Brand Management – Knowledge and skills necessary for brand creation, effective brand strategy, brand innovation, brand lifecycle management, brand value management and brand portfolio, etc. All with the aim of improving and securing the long-term successful market position of the brand. The process of defining and creating a brand is practically applied through 2 exercises – “Brand Diamond” and “Brand Equity Destination”. Through these exercises, participants will have the opportunity to do very practical things for the brands they deal with in their companies.

Creating a Marketing Strategy – Introduces students to the concepts of market segmentation, targeting (selection of the target market), positioning and differentiation of brands. Participants are introduced to product positioning and general positioning strategies, as well as market segments and applying all of the above in an exercise of creating a marketing strategy in the MGSM way.

Integrated Marketing Activities and Campaigns – The basic concepts and principles in the implementation of integrated marketing activities and campaigns are covered. Important areas are Content Marketing, Viral Marketing and Storytelling.

Through case studies, participants gain knowledge about running integrated marketing campaigns. Also effective and efficient selection of partner companies (marketing agencies) with which they will jointly and efficiently manage integrated marketing campaigns and communication channels. Special attention will be paid to the techniques of creating “WOW” integrated campaigns.

Digital Marketing – This topic deals with the similarities and differences, advantages and disadvantages of using the traditional in relation to digital marketing, and understanding the innovations that digital marketing introduces to the business of a modern market-oriented company.

Attendees will see how “Consumer Journey” has changed, and what it looks like in the age of digital marketing, what changes in the user experience it has led to and how the whole process is reflected in the management of marketing and brand in companies. Participants will get to know and acquire skills and practical knowledge that will enable them to choose the most effective and efficient digital marketing channel to achieve the goals of their marketing strategy and campaign.

The module starts on 04.10.2021. and lasts until 08.10.2021.

program TUITION

80.000 RSD


Nemanja Gavrilović
Management Program Coordinator
Phone: 065/3035-073