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Vivaldi forums are a place to meet, connect and exchange opinions with important people from the world of economy, but Vivaldi forums are also more than that – they are an inspiration for new ideas and changes within the community through all seasons.

Vivaldi forums – history

Back in 2009, when we were considering creating a completely new format of a business event, we asked ourselves the following question: what can we do differently? There are many business events – what was missing was CONNECTIONS, MOTIVATION, AND EXCHANGE OF EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE. By linking these four elements together, we have created the Vivaldi forums, which focus on ESSENCE, as opposed to FORM.

Since the beginning of our school, we have organized 35+ Vivaldi forums over a period of 10 years with more than 3500 participants. We have hosted over 750+ panelists and speakers from a variety of business areas.

Vivaldi forums are living proof that in Serbia, there certainly is a place for professionals who strive for the principles of HIGHER AND ABOVE each and every day to gather, meet, connect, and exchange ideas.

Prominent participants

It is difficult to single out individual names from the rich history of the Vivaldi forum, – however, the dynamics and depth of these events are certainly easier to convey if we take into account some of our more distinguished guests through the forum’s history. Our forum was decorated by the greatest intellectuals the region has to offer, such a professors Miodrag Zec, Jasmina Vujić, Matija Bećković, Emir Kusturica, Ljubomir Madžar or Aleksandra Ninković Tašić.

Businessmen who largely defined the regional economy as we know it today, also participated in the creation of these events. Some of them are Nikola Pavičić, Dragoljub Vukadinović, Miroslav Mišković, Miodrag Kostić, Draginja Đurić, Miša Lukić.

Expert guests of the Vivaldi forum’s come from other parts of the world, as well, such as Malcolm McDonald (professor at the Emeritus Cranfield School of Management), celebrated professor Daniel Goleman, and Nobel Institute researcher Asle Toya. All this in addition to a number of different directors of international institutions and ambassadors who have helped us understand our environment, in an effort to stay in step with the rest of the world.

The best regional business events

For whom are the Vivaldi forums intended?

Every Vivaldi forum is dedicated to one particular part of the business community and together, they form one whole.

We did not want the forums to be yet another event in a row of similar events. In the fairytale surroundings of Drvengrad, on Mokra Gora, you get a completely new feeling of what a business event feels like when you participate in our forums.

Depending on your career path and life aspirations, you can choose the right season and the right forum for you.

The Vivaldi Spring forum is intended for leaders of organizations and entrepreneurs, who are on the front line of the right, carrying a great deal of responsibility. This forum is attended by those who strive every day to improve their organizations, people, and society as a whole.

The Vivaldi Summer forum is intended for all marketing magicians, without whom we could hardly imagine the whole concept of today’s economy and business. This forum presents and analyzes important, new ideas from the marketing industry and other interrelated industries, agencies, supplier researchers, and the media.

The Vivaldi Autumn forum brings together a community that deals with human resources and interrelated activities. Whether you are a manager of human resources, payroll, training, and development, organizational development, administration, employment, or any related activity, this forum is the place for you.

Towards the end of the year, in December, we offer the Vivaldi Winter forum. Winters in the mountainous environment of Drvengrad are the closest thing to magic that we can imagine. Financial experts and directors, lawyers, accountants, and auditors from the most successful companies in Serbia lead panels and lectures on current topics in the field of financial and legal operations, whilst also discussing possibilities and questions emerging on the horizon. All that and much more, in the warmth of a mountain lodge, next to the fireplace, of course.

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The most prominent names the Serbian economy has to offer, share their experience and knowledge at the most essential business events of the region.

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