Winter Vivaldi Forum

07.-09. December 2022.

Location: Mokra Gora

30.000 RSD + VAT - LIVE
12.000 RSD + VAT - On-line

Zimski Vivaldi CFO & LEGAL forum

At the end of the year, in December, we host the Winter Vivaldi forum. Winters in the mountainous environment of Drvengrad are the closest thing to magic that we can imagine. Financial experts and directors, lawyers, accountants, and auditors from the most successful companies in Serbia lead panels and lectures on current topics in the field of financial and legal operations, whilst also discussing possibilities and questions emerging on the horizon. All that and much more, in the warmth of a mountain lodge, next to the fireplace, of course.


Mokrogorska COVID-19 program policy
The registration fee for the Winter Vivaldi CFO & Legal forum amounts to 27.000 RSD + PDV. The price includes attendance to all formal and informal program segments, work materials, and coffee breaks. The price of the program does not include the cost of accommodation, nor does it include transport to Mokra Gora. You can book accommodation in hotel Mećavnik by selecting the desired room or apartment.  You can also find other suitable accommodation throughout Mokra Gora via Transport services that have regular routes to Mokra Gora areTerra Travel i Gea Turs. For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact Stefan Đuričić at

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