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On April 1st 2021. DISRUPT awards winners were named for projects that were highlight of 2020. Awards were given regarding success of these innovations during unpredictable year, such was 2020. It is a great honor for us to announce that our MEMBA 2.0 program was awarded for its innovativity. We present you report for MEMBA 2.0 by DISRUPT awards organizer, ADAM studio:

“Disrupt awards gathered 60 competitors from companies and agencies that distinguished in area of Disrupt innovation or Disrupt communication and during difficult year, such was 2020, managed to achieve success and promote social progress. Awards ceremony was held online on April 1st.

In category Disrupt innovations awarded were: Donesi for project Always in right moment, Coca Cola HBC Serbia for HoreCa community, Lasaffre for ePekar, Preventer for Writers club, Delta Motors for MinixSkrabac, Galenika and Chapter4 for Hello twenties, Direct Media for DirectNeuro, Sava insurance for eŽivot, Banca Intesa for It’s time for sharing time, Mokra Gora School of management for MEMBA 2.0, VIP mobile and Executive Group for VIP virtuel shop.

In category Disrupt communication awarded were: Mercator-S for project IDEA caravan, Atlantic Grand and Luna TBWA for Lets have time, SuperDot for Wine trekkers, Matica srpska galery for Remarkably in extraordinary, Propulsion and AstraZeneca for Oxygen movement, Hemofarm for With us life wins, M2Communications and NGO Astra for Parallel reality- cruel reality, Balkan Tube Space for Balkan Top Star, Banca Intesa for Tea party on Thursday on 5, New Moment New Ideas and Visa for She’s next, GourmAna for Hanging out with GourmAna, Levi 9 for Internal communication.

Special awards – Disrupt Brutal was awarded to Koncern Bambi for project Plazma rituals, Disrupt Influence was awarded to Atlantic Grand and Popular Communications for InstaGrand #SamoUživaj and Disrupt Star was awarded to Mercator-S for IDEA caravan.

“For Disrupt awards applied 60 companies who managed to recognize 2020. as a chance to promotion and to carry out projects which were Disrupt in area of innovation or communication. All awarded companies deserve this title”, said Mila Zavođa, CEO of ADAM studio who was organizer of this competition.

“We promised to single out rock stars who shook communication scene and success of first Disrupt awards is that we have all “aspects”, from alternative and mainstream to Youtube influencers. My role as president of jury was a great honor, and that is the reason why Belgrade philharmonic didn’t apply, even though our cooperation with professionals was inspiring and controversy we created. It is very important, specially when name of awards is Disrupt”, said Jelena Milašinović, PR manager of Belgrade philharmonic and president of jury of Disrupt Awards.


Expert jury, formed of professionals from different areas of work, decided winners. Composition of the jury: Jelena Milasinovic – Belgrade Philharmonic as president of Disrupt awards jury, Ivana Mihajlovic – Direct media United Solution, Anja Djuric – Donesi, Jovana Tufegdzic – Coca Cola HBC Serbia, Bojan Balaz – Mokra Gora School of management, Sandra Lazarevic – Banca Intesa, Natasa Pavlovic – Mercator-S, Dusan Stojakovic – Hemofarm, Jelena Subotic Krivokapic – Applied Medical studies, Vuk Tomic – New Moment New Ideas Company,  Mirjana Vladisavljevic – Balkan Tube Space, Zana Rankovic – Sava insurance, as members of jury.

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