December 2021. - Jun 2023.


Mokra Gora, Belgrade and Shangai campuses


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The MEMBA 2.0 program belongs to the following international classification: Executive Master of Business Administration (professional degree). This is one of the most unique, distinct MBA programs available in Serbia, created for managers at the executive level.

The program and curriculum of our Executive MBA studies are completely in line with the standards of the world’s most prestigious business schools. During a period of two years and seven modules, you have the opportunity to learn from 30 different lecturers, using contemporary tools.

The program dynamics, added values, as well as the tools you get to know throughout the studies, are something that will make every student a better leader, in addition to making each student richer for one major life experience. Tools, career development analysis, tests, team activities, travel, company visits. All this and much more awaits you at the MEMBA 2.0 program. In addition, we are also a proud member of the Business Graduates association, an umbrella organization for all business schools in the world that want MBA studies to be in line with international standards.

Connecting a large number of students who have passed our Executive MBA studies program is made possible by our MEMBA alumni group, which we can proudly say, is made up of key decision-makers in the region today.


The first Serbian MBA program

The MEMBA 2.0 program originated as a result of the personal experience, director and founder of the Mokrogorska, who attended one of the most prestigious EMBA programs in the world and brought that experience back to Serbia.

The modules are a part of the standard MBA curriculum that most of the world’s best business schools follow, however, the modules offered by the Mokrogorska are tailored towards the needs of our region.

During the two-year program, there are seven different modules during which participants will have the opportunity to collaborate and work with the highest authorities in each respected subject area. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from 30 different lecturers, gain access to top world literature, and work on the most up-to-date case studies.

Added values and richness of the MEMBA 2.0 program

The MEMBA 2.0 program consists not only of lectures, expert staff, case studies, and rich literature, but the program is also tailer made to develop different interests within the participants, to develop team spirit, creativity and finally to allow participants to better understand themselves, their environment and the value system we wish to create in the environment we currently inhibit.

This is precisely why we use various world-renowned, but also domestic tools for the program. We organize unusual activities and study trips.

During the program, participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the world’s best tools such as the Predictive Index for psychometry or Business Strategy Game simulation of running a real company.

In the past generations of the program, a questionnaire for career development has been established, which we use for conversations with students regarding their further professional development. In combination with Predictive Index, participants get to know themselves better, the stage in professional development they are in now and they would like to be in the future.

At the MEMBA 2.0 program, we promote examples of good practice through visits to prominent domestic and international companies with which we have developed long-term cooperation.

A special part and the crown jewel of our program is the opportunity to go on a study trip to Shanghai, to Donghua University, where we organize the “Leadership” module. The growing Chinese economy is a source of new trends and innovations that our participants can apply in their businesses.

In an effort to build team spirit, we also organize several team-building activities for program participants, of which the survival exercise in the style of special military units stands out.

The Mokrogorska is the sole member of the Business Graduate Association (an association of world business schools) that comes from Serbia. Upon completion of the program, participants were given access to the association and various tests, business articles, lectures, and contacts from other business schools around the world.

Our MEMBA 2.0 program is publicly recognized by the Ministry of education, science, and technological development.

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Key decision-makers in Serbia, as well as the region

The MEMBA 2.0 alumni group consists of over 100 members who are key decision-makers in their respective organizations. They are already the backbone of our economy and will continue to have an impact on the future. Business contacts from this program remain for life.

Once a quarter, we organize lectures for our alumni of prominent people in the field of business, film, sports. The plan is to organize socially useful actions and humanitarian activities.

Male/female ratio of participants

Positions of participants

Distribution of participants by industry

The first Serbian MBA program

Since 2012, our MBA program has set a quality standard in Serbia, as well as the region.

Program uniqueness

We are especially proud of all the additional content and tools we provide to our students over the course of the program. Business analysis, career development, business simulations, study trips, team activities. All this combined creates an unforgettable student experience that aid in your career development both as a manager and as a person.

Key decision-makers

What we are particularly proud of is the alumni community of our Executive MBA studies. Key decision-makers in their companies and various business industries. Within the alumni community, we nurture contacts and exchange experiences continuously, and we try to regularly organize activities for all alumni.

Is the MEMBA program right for me?

Those who feel they can participate, apply to the program with their resume, cover letter, and finally, an admission interview with program directors takes place.

If you are:

• University educated, or employed for a minimum of 10 years

• At the C, or C-1 level of management

• You have extensive business responsibility

• You have significant career accomplishments.

Program directors

Leading lecturers

Module 1 - Economics

Module 2 - Finance

Module 3 - Corporate management

Module 4 - Strategy

Module 5 - Skills management

Module 6 - Innovation

For more information on the modules and the lecturers take a look at our program document.


Apply for the MEMBA 2.0 program

Milenko Andrić, management program director.