General conditions of the terms of sale and use of services

The purpose of this document is to define the general conditions of sales that the Mokrogorska adheres to. Sales by logging on to the site, through the purchase order, online sales, as well as mutual obligations of the buyer and the Mokrogorska Ltd., as the seller. The Mokrogorska doo retains the right to change this document without the obligation of informing its users about it, so it is highly recommended that users read this document before each use of our services.

By filling out an order form, or application in any format (including online applications) you irrevocably accept the following terms of use and sale:

  • The Mokrogorska doo is responsible for the organization of programs and business events, changes in the program, date, and hours.
  • All programs are held with a minimum of seven students, otherwise, the Mokrogorska maintains the right to move the date so as to have an acceptable number of students.
  • The price of the program does not include transport to Mokra Gora, nor does it include transport to other locations in which the program might be held.
  • In case of cancellation less than seven working days before the start of the program, the applicant/company will be issued an invoice for participation upon the program’s completion.
  • In case of cancellation of the program for a period longer than seven working days before its scheduled start, it is possible to replace the program with a different one or to receive a refund.
  • If any disputes arise that cannot be resolved amicably, the court in Belgrade has jurisdiction.
  • The applicant allows the Mokrogorska to use photos and videos of participants during classes and all activities related to the maintenance of the program, and the school reserves the right to publish such material on its websites, brochures, or other promotional materials without special compensation to the participant.

Online applications to the programs

All orders made through the Internet sales portal of the Mokrogorska are not binding until the moment of payment. The ordering process (also depending on the chosen payment method) functions in such a way that the participation is considered reserved until the moment of payment, or up until the expiration of the defined deadline for payment. Upon the expiration of the defined payment deadline, the reservation is no longer valid and can be automatically canceled.

Once the payment is complete, the order becomes binding.

Online payment

Online payment is available through DINA, Visa / AMEX / MC / Maestro cards. You can choose the option of paying by credit, or debit card.

When entering payment card details, confidential information is transmitted over the public network in a protected (encrypted) form using SSL protocols and the PKI system, which is considered to be the most modern cryptographic technology.

Data security during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment card processor, Banca Intesa ad Belgrade, which means the complete billing process is performed on the bank’s website. At no point in time is payment card information available on our system.

Payment through payment slips— if you wish you can also pay for participation in our programs via payment slips. At the end of the ordering process, you will receive an example of a completed payment slip at the registered e-mail address. Based on this example, you can make a payment at the bank, or the post office, as well as through personal electronic baking, and through this process tickets will be reserved. When filling in the payment slip, please match the data belonging to the person who is paying and the reference number with the data on the example of the filled payment slip, so that the payment is processed correctly. Only proper payments will be accepted. If the amount paid differs from the total amount of the order, or if you make the payment after the specified deadline, the payment will not be posted, the order will be canceled, the money will be refunded.

The duration of the reservation is limited in time and if the payment is not made within the predefined period, the reservation will no longer be valid and can be automatically canceled. More information about the duration of the reservation will be contained in the e-mail you will receive after the ordering process is complete. By the act of payment, the order becomes binding and subsequent changes or cancellations are possible only under the conditions stated above.

E-tickets or e-vouchers will be automatically sent to the registered e-mail address after recording your payment on our daily statement.

What is an e-ticket and what are the general conditions of their use?

E-ticket: an electronic ticket (an e-ticket) is a special version of a ticket that has the same meaning as an original ticket. The e-ticket is valid for the bearer and allows one entry into an event, for the first person to appear at the entrance, whereby the validation and cancellation of the bar code will be performed.

Neither the seller, nor the organizer is responsible for any problems that may arise due to unauthorized printing, copying, or loss of the e-ticket, so please keep it.

The aforementioned general conditions of use can be subject to change if the specificity of the vent requires it, which is clearly stated on the vouchers themselves.