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Mokra Gora School of Management (MŠM) organizes innovative team-building programs designed to best suit the organization at hand, as well as its current team needs. By participating in these programs, companies have an opportunity to become more motivated, focused, engaged, to work better collectively, achieve success through improved communication, and obtain an enhanced degree of mutual trust.

We are fully equipped organizationally; we have extremely qualified personnel; and the logistics necessary to perform these types of company activities. Ten years of experience and a leading position on the Serbian market in the field of professional development of managers have MŠM in a position in which an increasing number of companies entrust MŠM to organize team-building programs for them, particularly according to the innovative edutainment concept we have developed.

All team-building programs are created according to the concept of edutainment.

This means that each event consists of a part of the program that through educational workshops makes a direct correlation with the topics and needs of the organization in a specific thought out and relevant way. The second part of the program consists of fun activities that are directly related to the educational section so that both parts contribute to the development, advancement, and improvement of the team and its capacities.

These programs are conducted by a group of young, motivated moderators who have had many years of experience in organizing and managing such events. Our experienced lecturers contribute to the educational part of team-building and create a unique sense of meaning and belonging, in addition to creating interdependence of all team members in organizations.

In creating the team-building program, the Mokra Gora School of Management focuses on the importance of a company’s mission, vision, and value. We pay particular attention to the main business goals and KPI’s of the organization including development, leadership, motivation, decision making, empowerment, and innovative thinking.

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Team building
What is the first thing you think of when someone says ‘team-building’? Does it revolve around having a fun time with your colleagues? Is it something like paintball? Is it a picnic, or perhaps dinner at a restaurant out of town? Most people would think along those lines. However, today, team building is much more than that. The only thing team building still maintains is the aspect of fun as an indispensable element. Team building programs continue to be held in a relaxed atmosphere. What has evolved is the educational part. By adding education to fun activities, team-building programs have become edutainment events for adults.
Team building
With an added educational note, events remain interesting and fun, but they also have a clear goal and clear meaning. The most common forms of education are interactive workshops, where participants learn through active participation in various entertaining team exercises that conclude with an analysis of their teamwork. Setting a clear goal and deciding why a team-building event is organized constitutes the most important that an event organizer has. Is it just a motivational event? What outcome do we want to achieve? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before the event program is confirmed. These dilemmas need to be fully clarified and discussed between the client and the organizer.
Team building
We organize activities at a large number of locations in the country and abroad. Our base is Mokra Gora, which has great potential, alongside beautiful natural sites. MŠM’s campus is located in the fairy-tale ambiance of the ethnic settlement called Mećavnik, in which there is a modern, well-equipped educational environment, along with entertainment and sports content in the wider environment of the campus. In addition to Mokra Gora, where we are at home, other popular and interesting locations nearby include; Fruška gora, Vršački breg, Kopaonik, Stara planina, Zlatibor, Tara, Drina, Iver, Srebrno jezero, Palić, Ada Ciganlija, Kovilovo, Nevidio Canyon and many more rivers, like for example, Drina, Uvac, Tara, Piva, and the Danube.

Team building ideas and activities

Educational activities


The combination of Edu + Entertainment activities gives the best results and effects in the development, improvement, and enhancement of the team and its capacities.

Unique team-building programs

Creating and designing an adequately composed team-building program based on the understanding of an organization’s needs, desires, and the overall purpose of the event itself.

The venue

Large selection predefined venues for team building programs are available, with the possibility of organizing programs at locations of your choice.

Sports and recreational activities

An obligatory part of each program is sports and recreational activities within which it is possible to organize survivor actions, rope descent, rafting, or other popular activities.

Price of the program

It depends on the venue, selected activities, the number of participants, degree of engagement of professional associates, duration, lecturer profile, accompanying equipment, specific requirements, etc.

Event duration

The duration of the event is agreed upon in accordance with your needs and the program content. For a more accurate assessment, you would need to request a proposal, or contact the program manager.

Team building references

We have been trusted by some of the largest and best domestic and regional companies, including: Telekom Srbija, Delta Holding, Hemofarm, Lilly, Metalac, Telenor bank, Sport time, Oriflame, Valjaonica bakra, Soko Štark, Wacker Neuson, PRODYNA, Cooper Standard, Gebruder Wiess, Confida, Enetel solution, and many others. We invite you to inform your colleagues from the human resource department about the quality and effects of the work conducted at the Mokrogorska, in the field of organizing edutainment corporate team building workshops.


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