Sport has become a serious industry in which a large turnover of capital is present, and it is regarded as a highly profitable industry. This is true, not only for professional sports, but even more so for recreation, fitness, and other mass forms of physical activity. The motives of people to participate in all kinds of sports are diverse and are realized in interaction with complex cultural, economic, and political environments. As a consequence, there is a dire need for the specific profession of a sports manager. A manager in sports is often perceived too narrowly, as a person who mediates in the purchase and sale of professional athletes. In recent years, however, the sports manager has been a key player in all processes revolving around sports (from professional, through children’s to health and recreational sports).

EU laws (as well as the law on sports of the Republic of Serbia) dictate the obligatory position of a professional sports manager in all interrelated sports organizations (from tops clubs, through physical education in schools, to fitness clubs and recreational societies). A sports manager is an expert who plans, organizes, and controls all these jobs. In addition, the sports manager organizes various public events, manages sports facilities, takes care of the safety of clients, personnel, facilities, and finally, performs complex administrative tasks prescribed by the law. Such a complex occupation requires a wide range of knowledge, great professionalism, and high moral values.

Publicly recognized program by the Ministry of education, science and technological development (pending)



The program is primarily intended for professionals who already work in sports, physical education, and recreation (sports coaches, fitness instructors, sports mediators, owners of sports schools, fitness clubs, physical education teachers, recreationists, etc.). By using the most up-to-date information interpreted by our expert lecturers, the aim is to provide participants with the opportunity to improve and update their knowledge, in addition to mastering the practical skills needed for the job of a modern sports manager. Although the program is primarily designed as professional training for those who are already in the midst of a market battle in the sports industry and for those looking for modern solutions to improve their business, it is also an opportunity to obtain formal evidence of professional qualifications as prescribed by the Law on Sports. The program is publicly recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia and students who successfully master it (through the implementation of teaching tasks and taking exams) earn a certificate of professional competence for business management in sports.


The best business environment

People in the world of business need applicable knowledge. BETTER BUSINESS participants receive the best business education they need. Lecturers in the programs are made up of those who have demonstrated expertise and practical understanding of business throughout their careers. All programs are designed with a ratio of 80% practical and 20% theoretical teaching.


Create a program according to your needs

You can choose between six courses depending on which industry your business is located in, or in which area you would wish to become a professional in. In each of the courses, a selection of modules awaits you, which allow you to create a program according to your needs.


Solving specific business problems

During the program, the focus is on solving YOUR problems and challenges. The leading lecturer will work with you one-on-one during consulting sessions in order to set specific goals, monitor, and control your progress and results. A business advisor will make sure you know what to do and how to work in order to make your business better.


Mentoring support

In each of the BETTER BUSINESS programs, you will have the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in your industry. You will have the opportunity to ask for advice from those who have already won and gone through the challenges you currently face.



A wide network of business contacts is vital. In the BETTER BUSINESS program, you will make contact with over 100 businessmen and women of similar values and interests from various sectors of business activities. As a result, there is potential to create new business opportunities.


Alumni community

In addition to colleagues in the program, you will also obtain access to alumni events of the Mokra Gora School of Management, in addition to receiving support in finding adequate partners and clients within the system of the school, which contains over 500 top-tier organizations and several thousand managers.

Solving concrete business issues


The program offers complex information in areas that are considered key to successfully pursuing the profession of a sports manager. It is distributed across several modules – four compulsory ones and eight electives. From the offered elective modules, the students choose four and thus independently creates his/her learning outcome. Compulsory courses offer applicable knowledge in general management, applied economics, financial management, and marketing. Depending on the market orientation and professional interest, the student can focus through the mediation module, on mediation in professional sports, selection, and scouting, organizing sports events, or mass forms of health and recreational exercise, which, under the influence of the modern lifestyle, is expanding worldwide.

A special feature of the BETTER BUSINESS program is that all lecturers will be available for all professional questions throughout the duration of the program. In the beginning, you will choose your personal business advisor who will work with you in an effort to find the most suitable solutions for your business.

In addition to contact with leading, expert lecturers, you will have the opportunity to network with other participants through the different programs, exchange experiences, but also explore and indulge in new business opportunities. Our alumni community has over 400 members.

Leading lecturers and mentors

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