Business negotiation

22 - 23. June 2023.

Belgrade campus

50.000 RSD + VAT

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Business negotiation program

Modern trends, but also the circumstances in which we operate today, impose on us the use of new approaches in the world of business, and especially in the relationships we develop in the said business. Many concepts that have been valid for decades, lose their significance overnight and some completely new, modern ones (better suited for current situations) are abruptly adopted. This approach is extremely pronounced in communication, interpersonal relationships, sales, but especially in business negotiations.

Negotiation is a process of communication through which participants overcome differences and conflicts and try to reach an agreement that benefits all parties involved. The circumstances we encounter during negotiations define our performance. Therefore, there is no standardized solution for leaving the negotiations as a winner. Although it might seem that way at times, much of the outcome of negotiations is in our hands— it is up to us to choose the appropriate type, strategy, and approach to a given negotiation.

Do you find it difficult to establish contact with new clients and partners? And when you do, do you fail to sustain a relationship in the long run? Do you think that every new negotiation is a special challenge? That a negotiation strategy with one client, is not necessarily applicable to a different one? Do you have a feeling that, upon the completion of a negotiation, you always to a win-lose situation, in which you are on the losing side? All of these are challenges that domestic entrepreneurs face regularly.

The Business Negotiation program is centered on many years of experience that our lecturers have and nurture in various areas of business. With his experience and three business careers, the lecturer allows the participants to participate in a large number of negotiation processes from completely different spheres of business through many examples from personal practice. Through this process, negotiation can be viewed from different angles, from different sides, and that is the way the program approaches the subject matter at hand.

Negotiation is an art best learned through practice. Practical examples used as exercises, role-playing games, or case studies are taken from the practice of the best domestic and international companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Facebook, General Electric, Virgin, AliExpres, etc.

For whom is the Business negotiation program intended.

The target audience for this program is wide. The program is intended for everyone who communicates in their business environments, represents their views, as well as the views of the organization and through successful negotiation wants to achieve the envisioned goals more efficiently.
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Business negotiation program topics

  • How to prepare for the negotiation process using the latest tools and techniques?
  • How to choose and apply the right style of negotiation in today’s business environment?
  • How to choose and implement the appropriate negotiation strategy?
  • How to use the power we have in the negotiation process?
  • The use of emotions in negotiation and their power.
  • Understanding different cultures in the process of negotiation— intercultural negotiation.
  • Negotiating with difficult clients – an opportunity to turn a potential conflict into cooperation.
  • Identifying different types of negotiators and negotiating with them.

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