Are there users or organizations which were not satisfied with the service provided?

We live for seeing the users of our program so inspired. The average grade of our programs on an annual level is 4.6, on a scale of one to five. On the other hand, each program is always unique in its own right, because the participants always differ.

We guarantee program quality in two ways. Firstly, for corporate programs, it is crucial to get a good description of the terms of reference in order to define, as precisely as possible, the needs of the organization and the participants themselves. That is why our subject lecturer, who is obliged to have a comprehensive understanding of the details of the project task, always comes to an agreement with the client. In addition, before the beginning of each program, the lecturer harmonizes the expectations of the students with the agenda and adjusts the curriculum with the practical expectations of the students during the program. Upon the programs completion, all students evaluate the program and the lecturers. Based on that, a report is compiled for the client and as a result, we manage to constantly improve our subject programs. In our work thus far, we have not experienced a scenario in which a client asked for a refund because he/she was not satisfied with the service provided.