Pitanja i odgovori

MEMBA is short for the Mokra Gora Executive Master of Business Administration, classified in the education system of the Republic of Serbia as a Master of Business Management, within the class of academic programs. This program belongs to the international classification of EMBA programs for more experienced managers. The main difference between the MEMBA program and other similar ones is the fact that it is accredited in the educational system of the Republic of Serbia. In addition, the program is more rigorous in its selection of candidates who have had significant business experience and it also focused on the regional economy. Based on its structure, the MEMBA program is not classified as a weekend program, but rather it holds classes in blocks of nine days, of which five are during the week and two weekends.
The Mokra Gora School of Management (MŠM) is an organization for the professional education and training of executives. It was founded in 2009 with the goal of improving the business environment, as well as the society in which we live by improving our business skills.
Our pricing policy is based on two principles. Firstly, the value we give our students and clients incomparably higher than the quality and cost of similar program types throughout the world. Secondly, we value our own work through continuous investment in the best lecturers, knowledge, and experience, organizational, technical, and personnel infrastructure, in order to be side by side with other business schools at the international level.
Our recommendation is to check the following elements when choosing a supplier. Firstly: does the supplier have the economic experience you need? Secondly: does that supplier have the capacity to meet your needs continuously? Human development is not a one-time task. Thirdly and most importantly: can the lecturer be a sufficient role model and inspiration for your employees because it is one of the most important ingredients in terms of success when it comes to a development program.
Firstly: Mokra Gora is one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia, a combination of natural beauty and the human need to preserve and enrich nature. Secondly: Mokra Gora offers the best conditions for intellectual and professional work, whilst at the time providing a first-class vacation opportunity. Thirdly: according to the generally accepted standards of modern professional development, MŠM is a world-renowned school and the Serbian school of management because it respects the specifics of our market and environment. Last but not least, the host of Mokra Gora, Emir Kusturica, is the best promoter of the core values that MŠM affirms: global knowledge, persistently applied based on our circumstances.
MŠM currently has more than 68 accredited lecturers for subject areas. Most lecturers have previous economic and entrepreneurial experience, which is a necessary basis for the practical transfer of knowledge onto our students.
MŠM is more than a business school. We pass on knowledge and experience without prejudice, while avoiding clichés, unencumbered by any external interests other than helping our students and organizations be more successful in what they do. Our working structure is based on the firm belief that through interconnection and the exchange of experience, knowledge, and information, we all progress. If our organizations and businesses prosper, so does the society we live in. MŠM is not an ordinary supplier of a service, but a long-term partner and this is evident by the long-lasting relationships we have with our strategic partners.
The most valuable resource a business organization has is its people. Both in terms of business development, but also in terms of cost. Investing in knowledge, improving personal and team capacities are unequivocally the best investments a business can make. In times of permanent crisis, inspiration, motivation, and purposefulness are invaluable for an organization. In our experience, each organization should invest at least one training per year for each key associate. Our recommendation is to invest in the professional development of your managers for a minimum of five working days per year, although the international standard in this regard is twice as high.