Communication management

11 - 15. March 2025.

Mokra Gora campus

90.000 RSD + VAT

Menadžment komunikacija

Communication management program

The program is designed so as to enable participants to develop and hone their skills through access to various aspects of manager communication in a business environment.

The module is designed to start from intrapersonal communication and approach different models and situations of interpersonal communication, including elements of effective argumentation and persuasion skills.

Through interactive work and constructive feedback from the lecturers, each participant will have the opportunity to assess their knowledge and skills in the field of communication, as well as to design their own action development plan for the upcoming period in this area.

For whom is the Communication management program intended.

The program is intended for managers who want to nurture and improve their communication skills in the business and private environment. Participants will improve their knowledge and skills in the field of presentation skills, they will also raise their level of self-confidence and self-motivation, which directly affects the personal and professional success of a given individual, and finally, through his/her work they will raise the level of success of the organization as a whole.
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Communication management program topics

  • Elements of communication and a communicational mix
  • Communication levels – Speech
  • Communication levels – Listening
  • Communication levels – Asking questions
  • Communication levels – Strong responses
  • Assertive communication
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Effective communication in conflictual situations

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Marija Stojanović, professional programs coordinator

065 3035 073