Financial management

19 - 23. June 2023.

Mokra Gora campus

90.000 RSD + VAT

Finansijski menadžment

Financial management program

The financial management program is intended for all those who aspire to gain general knowledge about what financial management actually looks like in developed multinational companies, as well as which of these skills and knowledge can be applied in their business and way of thinking. The purpose of the program is to understand what makes Western European companies so successful and what sets them apart from other, especially domestic, companies.

What is it that we can learn from successful models of the great and powerful and apply to ourselves in an effort to develop? How do we measure a company’s performance? When can we know for sure whether or not our business is successful? And why is it the way it is? What tools are available to us to effectively monitor our business? What knowledge and skills should our employees possess in order to run a business in a planned way? We will try to provide participants with adequate answers to all these and many other questions during socializing in a pleasant atmosphere, constructive discussion, and through examples that have been proven in practice to be successful.

For whom is the Financial Management program intended.

The program is intended for everyone who is professionally engaged in activities in the field of finance and would like to improve their knowledge or hear how some solutions from the financial sector have been applied in practice.

The program is also intended for entrepreneurs or directors who run a small, medium, or large company in order to see the framework upon which large global companies make their business decisions.

Last but not least, the program is intended for capital owners who are a part of the business decision-making process, but who aspire to effectively control the flow of their invested capital and can at any time assess how much their investment is worth at a given time and whether or not the return they achieve is satisfactory, bearing in mind the different business circumstances, as well as the environment in which the capital is invested.

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Financial management program topics

  • Introduction to finance
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax reporting
  • Financial indicators
  • Net working capital
  • Investment decisions and decisions related to business financing
  • Budgeting and controls

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Marija Stojanović, professional programs coordinator

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