24 - 28. April 2023.

Mokra Gora campus

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Liderstvo • Specijalizovani programi @ Mokrogorska

Leadership program

The topic of leadership has become extremely important in the modern business environment. An experienced leader, using different leadership styles, enables the organization and its staff to further develop, grow, improve and operate in accordance with the requirements of the market, but also in accordance with the values of the company. On the other hand, a successfully defined and well-implemented strategy represents a sure path to the success of any business unit, as well as the entire organization. Most companies that manage to properly implement a well-defined strategy have a higher chance of being market leaders.

Aside from leadership, in order for an organization to be effective and efficient over a longer period of time, everyone in the company must understand the strategy and strategic direction. In addition, it is also vital to ensure that the companies strategic direction is lowered to employees at lower hierarchical levels. Good leadership and a properly defined and applied strategy are a guarantee of success for any modern organization.

For whom is the Leadership program intended.

The program is intended for managers and entrepreneurs with several years of work experience who need to refresh their management knowledge and upgrade their craft with techniques they have not learned or used in practice. This program will enable participants to interact with lecturers and other colleagues in order to improve their management skills and approach their work with new energy.
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Leadership program topics

  • Transitioning from management to leadership
  • Leadership as a concept
  • How to construct a good team
  • Typology of leader personality
  • Strategy
  • Strategic management and its phases
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Objectives and KPIs
  • The importance of social and emotional intelligence
  • Effective planning, successful leadership, team management – motivation and interpersonal relationships
  • Profile analysis of business leaders

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