Project management

18-19. May 2023.

Belgrade campus

50.000 RSD + VAT

Projektni menadžment

Project management program

Project management is a complex, process-oriented methodology that requires, above all, the knowledge and experience of the individual who manages the project. In the conditions of modern business, everything is categorized under the label of project management – software development, car production, construction works, etc. The basis of project management is a process approach, proper definition of phases, and necessary resources (people, equipment, materials, etc.). It is a misconception that project management is the software used. Software as a tool is implied in today’s business environment, but it cannot replace the knowledge and the skills of project management.

Based on the extensive practical experience of the lecturer, the latest market/client requirements from the point of view of project management (“traditional” vs. “agile”), in addition to exercises in which modern project management tools will be presented, participants will be able to get acquainted with project management requirements, all with the aim of ensuring successful business and a strong market position of companies.

For whom is the Project management program intended.

The program is intended for managers and employees in all processes of an organization (small, medium, and large corporations) in an effort to help them gain insight into organizational inconsistencies, risks, opportunities, and opportunities to improve business processes from the point of view of project management.

The lectures are accompanied by a multitude of practical exercises and selected examples from practice, which, in a clear, concise, and vivid way (using domestic and international case studies) present modern tools and techniques for successful project management.

Predavanja prati mnoštvo praktičnih vežbi i odabranih primera iz prakse, koji na jasan i slikovit način, uz korišćenje studija slučaja iz domaćeg i međunarodnog poslovanja, predstavljaju savremene tehnike i alate za uspešno upravljanje projektima.

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Project management program topics

  • Fundamentals of project management
  • Initiating a project
  • Planning a project
  • Project reporting and control
  • Closing the project


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