Innovation management and entrepreneurship

08-12. November 2021.

Mokra Gora campus

80.000 RSD + VAT

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Innovation management and entrepreneurship program

You either innovate or you die! The topic of innovation and entrepreneurial initiative is critical in modern business. Acceleration in business is a consequence of technology and globalization. In the last 20 years, we have witnessed a large number of changes in the way we do business. Internet business and digitalization are simply old news! Doing business from home, a global approach to meeting needs, short memory, and lightning-fast twists are what characterize today’s business.

Not so long ago, we believed that a web presentation was the pinnacle of innovative digital literacy. Who else sends letters and catalogs by mail? Who are the companies that are conquering markets from small countries all over the world? Who are these people who live off of new occupations and new ways of doing the same things? At what speed do the heroes of yesterday fall behind and news stars are born?

Innovation is an old, yet very important topic. You do not need to be Nikola Tesla or Mihajlo Pupin to bring improvements and change into your organization. Most often, it is a change of attitude and small steps, the sum of which leads to meaningful change.

Entrepreneurship is a trait that can be nurtured and developed. We are not all enterprising but we can make organizations cultivate and embody an enterprising culture to nurture entrepreneurial ventures whether they are small, or large organizations.

For whom is the Innovation management and entrepreneurship program intended.

The program is intended for experienced managers and entrepreneurs who want to master innovation techniques and who want to further understand and develop entrepreneurship and innovation in their organizations.

According to its content, this program is creatively designed with two leading and three guest lecturers. Upon completion of this module, you will look at your organization differently and will be able to introduce continuous improvement either through innovation or through the improvement of entrepreneurial culture.

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Innovation management and entrepreneurship program topics

  • The concept of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Sources of ideas
  • Types of innovations
  • Innovation models
  • Innovations from the corporate model
  • The concept of entrepreneurship
  • Stages of corporate entrepreneurship
  • Challenges in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Innovation from the perspective of an entrepreneur
  • Personal creativity
  • Entrepreneurial project