Sales Management

22. November, 2021
Belgrade Campus
80.000 RSD


Our Sales Management Program is designed to give participants skills and knowledge about all the key topics in sales: managing sales, setting goals, basic sales skills, management and motivation of sales organization, cooperation between sales and marketing team, managing key clients and negotiations – which every modern sales professional must be equipped with.

Through our lecturers rich experience leading sales and marketing organizations, the latest research and trends in local and international sales markets, case studies and best practices, participants will be able to master process of sales management. Participants will better understand organizations and buyers, with the goal of making a better and more efficient sales process and driving powerful market share of your organization.


Sales Management is designed for sales professionals, key account managers and sales leaders from small, medium and large production and distribution companies, who need to refresh and improve their knowledge of the sales process, managing sales and leading sales teams, managing key clients and negotiation skills.

Also, the Sales Management Program caters to entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium-sized enterprises who want to master sales skills and better their sales management in order to achieve better sales performance and improve market share of their companies.

Lectures are enriched with practical application examples and case studies from local and international organizations, using modern techniques and tools for a successful market approach to sales.

Prodajni menadžment


SALES MANAGEMENT – Introducing students to the sales process and goals of sales management, functions and structure of a sales organization, setting goals, managing sales regions, sales fundamentals (DSPM). All topics are supplemented with many practical examples to provide added value in understanding Sales Management.

MANAGING A SALES ORGANIZATION – Students will acquire the knowledge and skills required to select candidates for a sales team and tailoring a complex sales organization. Additionally, they will master the process of supervision, motivation and evaluation of sales performance. Finally, they will participate in a cumulative practical test to demonstrate all the knowledge acquired on the Sales Management Program. Another topic covered in this segment is cooperation between Sales and Marketing teams and the potential conflicts that may arise and how to handle them.

KEY ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – Introduces students with the latest trends in traditional and online trade (Walmart, Lidl, Tesco, X5, Amazon, Ali Baba…), the process of ranking clients, evaluation and prioritization of clients, strategies for managing key clients. Also discussed is the “Direct Client Profitability” model through two practical exercises where participants are encouraged to apply all acquired skills for key client management and their client profitability.

COMMERCIAL AND TEAM NEGOTIATIONS – Students are introduced to the process of planning, strategizing and executing a commercial negotiation tactic. Communication skills are vital for successful negotiation, active listening, techniques for asking questions, non-verbal communication. Participants will get familiar with the eight phases of the negotiation process using team negotiations and role-playing simulations at the end of course allowing them to apply the acquired knowledge and skills.

The Sales Management program starts on the 22th of November 2021. and ends on the 26th of November 2021.


80.000 RSD + VAT


Nemanja Gavrilović
Management Programs Coordinator
Phone number: 065/3035-073


Darko Lukić
osnivač i direktor, AMMC
Darko Lukić je marketing, menadžment i prodajni konsultant, trener, predavač i govornik na regionalnim konferencijama. Svoje dvadesetjednogodišnje radno iskustvo u privredi, prenosi kroz programe iz oblasti tradicionalnog i digitalnog marketinga, menadžmenta ključnih kupaca, prodaje, vođenja, motivacije, itd.
Dejan Stojanović
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