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The Applied Economics Program aims to train participants on the principles of economics that every executive should govern upon. The most important areas of macroeconomics and microeconomics are covered, primarily from a practical point of view. Participants will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the economic state of Serbia, the way in which Serbia’s economic policy is led, opportunities to anticipate modern business techniques of revenue and cost management and sources of financing they can rely on.

The key areas that will be covered by the Applied Economics Program are: the economic state of Serbia, how to manage the (macro) economy, the economic state of a company and how to manage a company.

The program is based on the presentation of concepts, mechanisms, data and implications of economic flows on your company, confrontation of opinions and interaction with participants, as well as special case studies of different areas of economics.

Primenjena ekonomija


Who is the applied economics program for?

The Applied Economics Module is tailored for middle and senior level managers, those who seek knowledge on macro and micro economic concepts, mechanisms and data. The program is vital for all those who need to apply and design various economic aggregates and variables in their business, from indicators of economic strength (GDP), to interest rates, inflation, exchange rates and others. Also, the basic areas of microeconomics, knowledge of different concepts of costs, price formation and analysis of the market situation, help in making business decisions that determine the income and expenses of the company.

TOPICS covered at the APPLIED ECONOMics program

  • 10 unavoidable principles of applied economics
  • Macroeconomics of Serbia and the place of Serbia in the region and the world
  • How and what governors and finance ministers decide
  • How to predict interest rates, inflation and the exchange rate
  • Revenue and cost management and the break-even point
  • Are there alternatives to borrowing and own funds when financing?
  • Adjusting the business depending on the phase of the life cycle of the company

The module starts on 2.11.2021. and lasts until 5.11.2021.

Program tuition

80.000 RSD


Nemanja Gavrilović
Management Program Coordinator
Phone: 065/3035-073